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DP^3T Ubique is joining Pepp-PT

DP^3T is an international initiative with participation from ETHZ and EPFL. We're combining forces for reaching our common goal: Contact tracing without giving up privacy.

More about DP^3T

In a nutshell

App Screens

Our Motivation

We are hoping that the Corona virus will soon be under control such that we can return to normality.

Modern app technologies can play an important role in containing the virus.

But we don’t have to sacrifice our privacy for this.

The Principle

How the App works

Die App

Mit Technologie gegen Corona

What does the app do?

Recognizes encounters

Via P2P (peer2peer) Bluetooth the app recognizes ecounters with other users. Such encouters will be registered by the app if two users stand next to each other for a certain time period.


Scientific Background

What does the app do?

Protects your data

Encounters with other users are only saved locally on your smartphone. Each App has its own dynamic ID that is randomly generated via «HMAC(SHA256)» and changes every 60 seconds. This way each user remains anonymous. Important features:

  • No location tracking
  • No analytics or advertising
  • Open architecture / protocol and specification incl. SDK for iOS and Android
  • Interoperability (own app, own Backend)
  • Open source


What can you do?

Report infections

If you test positive, you can inform everyone you’ve encountered with through the app. Everything happens anonymously, no one can see who sent the message.

What does the app do?

Inform encounters

The App informs all encounters about the infection. The message is anonymous. There is now a risk for the users you’ve encountered with to also be infected. The app provides you with information on how to proceed

Scientific Background


Take measures

Encounters informed via the app can take action e.g. Self-isolation.
This is the only way to be one step ahead.

Scientific Background

Next Step

Get the App

You can find the app and the source code from the DP-3T project on Github

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